How to Pack Your Things part 3

You think that already know everything about packing things and can begin doing your own? Do not jump to conclusions. There are still some things that you need to know about packing. So here is the third part of packing advices.

If you have at home a lot of large items, such as furniture, appliances, computers, etc., begin taking them apart. Try to do it carefully and not to break any parts. After this, all the items put to double-thick Ziploc bags. You need to sort these bags according to content and room. You do not want to find your TV transmitter in bag of things from your kitchen. Tools which will be needed after removal to put the item to back as it was, such as allen wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, etc., keep it in the same box as parts of the item. Because of this, unpacking after removal will be much easier and you will be sure that your things will be the same as they were. Make sure that these boxes will stay in the centre of attention during moving, because later you will need them first.

When you have taken apart large things, probably there are a lot of screws and bolts left. Put them together in the box with these items so they do not get lost. Also, it will make the process of putting everything back much easier.
You need to have special box for all the tools and hardware. This box must be in central place and that everyone could find it easily. It will make unpacking much easier. You should also put small things such as remote controls, ear plugs, screwdrivers and other small things you will need immediately after moving.

When you finish filling boxes, do not forget to tape them, then to put label and put to the stack. Leave boxes in those rooms where you have packed them, not to mix everything. Pick all the extension cords, power strips or adapters from all rooms and put them to one specific box. They will be one of the first things that you will need after removals London. Put the clear sign on this box. It can be larger or more vivid label. You can even consider spraying bright colours on it, such as yellow or red.

Go to all the rooms and make sure that you have removed everything. If you should anything, put all the last minutes items to separate box.

When house removals London company comes and takes all your things, go through all rooms and check out one more time carefully if really everything has been taken. This is your own responsibility, not removals companies. When you are sure that everything have been moved it is finally time to say goodbye to your house and close the door.