How to Pack Your Things

Sep 8, 2021London Removals

How to pack your things for moving, part 1

You decided that want to move to another place. Already found the new flat, hired London removals company, warned all necessary people, so now it is time for one of the most difficult parts – packing all your things. It is quite difficult when you are packing for one week trip but even harder when you are moving with all your stuff to another place. It can be horrific.

If you want to reduce the stress, all the packing process start month before actual move. Start collecting boxes and bags which will be needed for your things. Usually supermarkets have a lot of good quality, clean boxes, so ask them if you could take some or take one box every time you are shopping.

You will need different sizes of boxes because you have various sizes things you want to pack. Make sure that these boxes are from strong carton – you do not want them to tear apart during the move. If you do not know where to get quality boxes you should consult a professional for recommendations. Usually London removals companies can consult you. You also should make sure that have things such as padding supplies, wrapping sheets, scissors, marking pens, bubble wraps, heavy duty packaging tape, newspaper, blank newsprint paper, labelling stickers, etc.

You really do not want your furniture to get dirty during the packing. So before putting all your things to boxes you need to get materials for securing for furniture: sheets, table cloths or film. Secure these materials with tape.

Start packing earlier to avoid additional stress. A lot of people get depressed while packing because they find a lot of memorable things that they already have forgotten. Take time not only for packing but also for memories.

Before putting things to box, wrap each item with wrapping sheets or bubble wrap. Use more layers if it is necessary, especially for breakable things or these which need extra attention. Place every item in the box. Be sure that you put them with care and in correct position – you do not want you things to get broken during the move. It is important heavier items to put on the bottom of the box and the lighter things.

Books, toys and other small but heavy things should be packed in small boxes. Try not to overpack them to avoid damages during the move. In the free spaces between items put some crushed papers or wadded newspapers.

When you are packing try to put things that belongs in the same place (shelf, closet, drawer, etc.) in one kind labelled boxes. For this you need labelling stickers mentioned before. It just not only helps you to arrange boxes in the van but also makes unpacking easier. Start packing one room at a time. Do not run from room to room – you will get confused at the end. Start packing from smaller things and then go to bigger ones. Do not forget to tape the boxes and to put labelling stickers.

More packing advices can be read in the next article.