Moving garage can be tricky

May 3, 2022Moving garage

Moving garage can be tricky if you don’t know what to do.

moving garageNo large house is complete without a garage or a tool shed – or some other storage facility, and probably yours is no exception. So when you’re moving out of it, one of the many, many things to take into account and plan for is how to smoothly move out of it, sensibly picking those things you still need and disposing of the rest of them. For some of those things – particularly those of considerable size – moving is rather simple, because they don’t even require any actual packing – except, maybe, some dismantling, to make it safe for the moving men to handle them. This is the case, for instance, with lawn mowers and other gardening equipment and instruments or tools. However, even if you go the no-packing route with them, make sure that oils or other liquids that might spill are removed first, to avoid staining or contaminating other items inside the moving van, such as household appliances or furniture. Also check cables, tubes, or tanks, and pack them separately if possible. To reduce the risk of injuries or other unfortunate events, it’s also best that heavy machines be labelled as such, perhaps adding a word of caution to let everyone know they need to be handled with care.
moving houseIf you’ve had your old house for a while, you’ve probably carried out some improvement and renovation works too, and if you did, chances are you still have some constructions materials left, which you’ve stored in the garage or tool shade. In their case, you need to make sure they are still in proper condition for transportation and future use – and to check that they are not hazardous in any way and can be safely moved to your new place.
As far as the smaller bits are concerned, they do need packaging – and plastic boxes are best for that, especially when dealing with small or medium sized tools with sharp or pointed edges and tips. Wrap them sensibly and everyone will be safe. And in case you’re not sure how to handle any of your personal belongings, feel free to ask for advice from the moving men, as their experience can prove invaluable in such situations.