Packaging material

Apr 19, 2021Packing Materials

Packaging material

Removal Boxes

Packaging material

Making a checklist for moving house is done, now it’s time to start packing! But before that, familiarize yourself with what packaging materials are there for you to use. This way you’ll get your items safely delivered to your new place.
The most popular choice for packing items for removal are cardboard boxes. These are found in different sizes so everyone can find something matching to their needs. There are also different types of cardboard so be sure to choose one that is right for your use. When talking about cardboard boxes, be aware that there is also the possibility to get recyclable removal boxes as they are good for moving or storing items and also have high durability, so you won’t have to worry about getting new ones very often. These are also environmental friendly so you won’t be haunted by thoughts of pollution or waste when preparing for your move.
All these type of cardboard packing boxes can be purchased, or you can even get them for free from supermarket stores as they throw them away, so it’s really an economical packaging material.
There are also plastic boxes which you can use to pack your items, as they are waterproof and airtight.
Use large removal boxes for big items such as TVs’ and secure them tightly with string or a broad and strong adhesive tape.

Wrapping materials

Bubble Wrap

Now let’s not forget about bubble wrap, it’s a great packaging material because it’s secure, waterproof and light. It is also easily manageable and quite cheap. Bubble wrap is great for packing expensive items, glass or just about any easily breakable objects.


You can also use newspaper to protect your objects from breaking but it’s not recommended to use it for expensive items because it does not provide the same security as bubble wrap. It is normally used at protecting plates, domestic appliances and even picture frames. The newspaper can also be shredded before use, but be careful to avoid getting too messy with it.

Cardboard tubes

Cardboard tubes are the same as boxes, of different sizes, and are used to protect important documents, photos and even paintings. The trick to using these is finding the right size for your needs.

Plastic bags

Another often used packaging material are plastic bags such as bin liners. These are great at storing and moving materials such a clothes, drapes, curtains, bed sheets and any other such item.

Before you buy any wrapping materials, please consider all the above information because it will help you pack better, faster and also it will become safer for your items to travel just because you choose the right packaging materials. Don’t forget it’s also possible to purchase ecological packaging such as eco-friendly bubble wrap and eco-friendly paper. There are all good and practical materials for you, and they meet all that might be required when moving house.
Now that you’ve got all your packaging materials, it’s time to get to work, but it will be easy now that you know how and what to use to fulfill your packaging needs.