What Our Clients Say

Tania, Sutton


Excellent packing service and moving with no stress, Well done! Strongly recommended team of professionals!

Peter, East Finchley

Building Owner

I was in a hurry with moving my self out so I called Rush Removals two days before and they accepted the challenge! Moving porters were polite and helpful as the guys from the customer service, this is a company that force you to be in a good mood all day long

Kevin and Lucy, Harrow


Packing & House move went smooth and it was joy for us. Nice, pleasant and very helpful guys helped us a lot. We will not hesitate to recommend Rosh Removals to our friends.

Tim, Chelsea


First I would like to say thanks to the guys that were helpful through all the questions and queries that we had, as it was our first big move. Second I was surprised by the logical and absolutely clear instructions of rooms and numbers offered by the customer service of the company, thanks to that there was no mess and , the furniture and the boxes were exactly in the right place as it was in the instructions, even when I was off for three hours! Would absolutely recommend to anyone who is looking for a nice and pleasant, no stressless moving service :)!

Alex and Ketty, Westminster


The idea of moving was very stressful for us as we have lived in our house for 26 years, we had mountains of stuff to pack and to dismantle, although the moving and packing service took us two days, we were surprised how easy it can be. The mood was excellent during all moving steps, all work was done brilliantly and without a doubt we would use this company again!

Andrew and Diana, Kensington


Our house was moved on Monday and I was surprised how everything was dealt with such a professionalism and confidence. It was our sixth move during the lifetime and the service was absolutely supreme! All the best to Paul and Ted, the owners, and porters Andrew and Chris! Recommend to everyone as the high standard company.

Tom and Sindy, Hampstead


Rosh Removals moved us a few days before Christmas. The move was stressless, guys were professional and polite, the organisation of box labelling was something amazing, all the boxes were put in the exact room and there was no need to move them around after the move was done, having in mind that we had more than 180 boxes! Fantastic job with a great attitude and moving atmosphere, thank you one more time!