House Removal Checklist

Aug 12, 2022Moving Checklist

To help you with your home removal we have decided to offer some help. And here it is, please feel free to use the following house removal checklist while planning your move. You just need to print down this list and to put „check“ when the work is done.

House removal checklist:

  • Arrange contact number
  • Dispose of anything you don’t want
  • Start running down freezer components
  • Arrange carpet fitters for different time than removal company
  • Take meter readings book mains services for disconnections
  • Cancel all rental agreements
  • Notify doctor, dentist, optician, vet
  • Tell your bank and savings/share accounts
  • Inform telephone company
  • Ask the Post Office to re-route mail
  • Inform TV license, car registration, passport offices
  • Notify HP and credit firms
  • Make local map to new house for friends and moving company
  • Clear the loft
  • Organise parking at new home
  • Plan where things go in new home
  • Cancel milk and newspaper
  • Arrange minders for children and pets
  • Contact friends and relatives and inform of new address
  • Put garage and garden tools together
  • Take down curtains and blinds

If you are facing some problems don’t hesitate to contact professionals and ask their advice. Don’t forget to double and triple check the house removal checklist.