Moving overseas

Jan 3, 2021Moving overseas

Moving overseas can be hard to accomplish but it is well worth all the trouble.

Moving overseasIf the sea stands between you and your new home, don’t get intimidated by the thought of moving, just make sure that you are working with a professional moving company and taking into account several details specific to your situation.
Obviously, a lot depends on the country you’re moving in, as, understandably, every state has its own rules and limitations with regards to what can and can’t be shipped, moving boxes, or the size of storage units, to name but a few. And because those regulations can and do affect your personal items, better check them twice, or thrice, or as many times as you need to, lest you end up without them, or, best case scenario, reaching you with a significant delay.
Legal, administrative and financial matters should also be included when planning to move abroad – and be prepared to invest quite a lot of time and effort into it too. For instance, your local council needs to be notified of your move, but also your service providers, such as the telephone company, the cable company, the gas company and the power company, among others. Banks are a big issue too, because they effectively hold your money in their hands, and you are bound to run into a lot of trouble – or at least significant headache and frustration – if you belatedly discover you failed to inform your bank that you are moving overseas, and they don’t have your correct address in the country where you chose to establish your new home.
packing stemwareMoving into said new home also requires some planning and preparations, such as ensuring that the construction has been finalized, that the property is entirely available and ready to receive its new inhabitants, and that you have the keys to it, as well as any relevant information with regards to unexpected costs you might encounter when reaching your new home. In the end, relocating abroad is not that different from moving in London, but it usually takes more time and requires more attention to details.