Packing tips for moving house

Jan 4, 2022How to pack, Packing Materials

Packing Tips and Pointers for moving house


Here are some packing tips to help you carry out the packing in the most efficient way because when one moves to a new home or office, the amount of packing that has to take place can be overwhelming.
The first thing that should be done is to prepare the items that are scheduled to be moved to the new house or office. Be sure to pack properly every item that needs to be moved or transferred into a storage unit well before the actual moving day.
If you’re thinking of using a storage unit, pick one that fits the size of the items you want transferred there and be sure to prepare those items in advance.
Don’t forget to label every package, as it is extremely important to be able to distinguish between them. This will help at packing, unpacking and organizing, helping to make everything run as smoothly as possible. When labeling removal boxes that have fragile items such as glass, mirrors or tableware, be sure to specify on them that they contain delicate items and so that they will be handled with care while transported.
Try to finish packing at least a day before the day of the move. Like this, you will have time to recheck everything and will be able to concentrate on other moving related tasks. Also, by doing this you will ensure that the moving won’t be delayed and everything will proceed in a timely manner.
Packing tipsWhen moving heavy items such as furniture, or handling rolled-up carpets and rugs, be sure to wrap them properly in protective sheets so they won’t be dirtied or damaged while being moved.
Regarding protective wrapping, it is recommended for easily breakable items, such as vases or photo frames and even light fixtures are to be tied up in bubble wrap before placed in removal boxes. Also for some more protection, shredded paper or foam wrapping can be used to cushion any shock that may occur while in movement.
Empty the fridge and the freezer and any other appliances that may have the need to before you pack them for the move. Be sure to secure these with a strong adhesive tape or a string so they will not open or disassemble during the move. Use a plastic sheet to wrap them up so they will be watertight and airtight and then and if you want to offer some extra buffer use bubble wrap.
Appliances such as kettles should always be emptied of water before packing.
Also, remember to empty all the bins before preparing them for the move.
The most important things to keep in mind while packing is to be sure to wrap everything securely and to make it as safe as possible for when they are moved.
Remove any clothing from the dressers and drawers before preparing the furniture for the move.
Textile items such as curtains or clothing can be packed in simple plastic bags such as bin liners or placed in removal boxes with a sheet of paper between each other. Placing them in bin liners will make the packaging watertight so the items will not be damaged in the moving process.Tips for moving home
Some of the items don’t require to be packed and can be moved as they are.
By following these packing tips, you can experience an easier moving process and an on-time arrival at the new location. Being aware of these pointers will also ensure your items stay safe while moving therefore making the move a lot less stressful. You’ll be more time efficient and it will become smooth sailing from then on.