The Biggest Moving Mistakes

May 8, 2022London Removals

Here are some of the biggest moving mistakes people tend to make.

A lot of moving mistakes are usually done when people decide to relocate either their home or their office. Maybe it is because they do not have enough moving experience or just because they simplify this process. Further, you will find some moving mistakes which are the most common case.

Choosing cheap removal company

First of all, you need to remember English proverb – “Poor man pays twice”. And actually is true in real life.
A lot of people hire house removals London company just because they are cheap. But have they ever tried to find out why they are so cheap.
Usually it is because they are using not very qualified vehicle, their staff is not very competent or they just do not have normal covering materials for your things. Also there might be lots of other reasons.

We are not trying to say that cheap companies are bad. But before choosing one or another, pay attention not only to price.
You can always google that company, read forums, testimonials about them to know if they are really confident.

Packing mistakes

Secondly, the majority of mistakes are done during packing. It is really vital to do everything right. You can write it in capital letters “there is never too much boxes, tape and sticky notes during moving”.
A lot of people think that they do not have so many things and they all are going to fit in few boxes. It is always truth that people does not even realise how many things they have. Especially women, who always say that they do not have what to wear, and during moving they realise that they have more dresses then they even thought. So, more boxes guarantees that all things are going to find place in new home. Tape is the best friend of box because she guarantees that all things will stay in their place and will not be lost during the move.

Finally, sticky notes help you to remember everything because it is very easy to get lost among so many boxes. Furthermore, one really big packing mistake is that a lot of people put their things to boxes randomly. There must be some kind of order. When you are making soup you are putting everything to one pot, so with packing it is the same. Do not mix things from different rooms in one box. Also, if you have one big item and have dismantled it, never put the small items in different boxes, otherwise you will never find it. Do not forget to mark boxes which you will need first. It is very important to pack small items first and then bigger ones. Finally, the biggest packing mistake is leaving this process for the last moment. Never do like that. As it was said before, people usually do not realise how many things they have. Other reason is, that when you start packing, you find a lot of things that you have forgotten that you even have them and now they are giving you a lot of memories. If you will leave packing for last moment you can forget enjoying these moments because you will be in rush.

Not warning the services

Before moving to another place you must call to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), student account, Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), Council’s Tax Office, Land Registry, family doctor, dentist, veterinarian, utility providers, financial providers, television, internet or telephone providers etc. it is strange, but a lot of people forget to call to these service providers. In some cases it can end up very sadly. Advice here – make a check list with all the providers that you must call and just put tick after doing that. So now you know the most common moving mistakes. Try not to do them by yourself.